Torre Santa Susanna, 1978

Orizzonte | 2012

Orizzonte, 2012
dimensioni variabili
Courtesy: Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milano

Orizzonte, 2012
(Metal, ground)
Foto: Massimo Valicchia
Courtesy: Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano. NoguerasBlanchar, Madrid/Barcellona

A metal beam has been suspended between two walls and positioned so that its upper surface is at 157 centimetres above floor level – exactly on a level with artist’s eyes. Soil from the Lampedusa immigration shelter covers the surface of the beam in a 2-centimetre layer. The silent presence of this bulky work, aptly named Orizzonte (horizon) literally slices the space in two. It doesn’t matter if this dividing line is above or below: the viewer suddenly becomes aware that this is not a horizon made of sea and sky but its diametrical opposite – sky and earth. A promise, a threat, the line of the horizon is reflected daily in the retinas of thousands of illegal immigrants. Orizzonte runs across the surface of the eye, barely two centimetres of the human face.

Orizzonte, 2012
(Dolci, tavolo , tovaglia.)
Courtesy: Casabianca - Bologna

Agli abituali frequentatori dello spazio espositivo sono stati commisionati dei dolci, decorati con simboli antichi di varie culture.
Al momento opportuno i dolci vengono offerti e mangiati dal pubblico.

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