Berlino, 1982

Die Zeitmaschine (Forno del Pane) | 2008

Die Zeitmaschine (Forno del Pane), 2008
(Die Zeitmaschine (Forno del Pane))
Courtesy: the artist

Riccardo Benassi’s work was carried out specifically for the spaces at MAMbo, beginning with the history of the museum – the former Forno del Pane. It involves the projection of a 1916 industrial clock on the wall in the entrance hall where there is a round bas relief. The clock is fast by 20 minutes. Each hour is signaled by a sound. 1916 is the inauguration date of the Forno del Pane. Through archive research and a detailed digital reconstruction, the “machine” that dictated the law of time in that period comes back to life in a sort of temporal digital reconstruction. Time set ahead on the present timeline based on erroneous information. A clock that allows you to gain time is a dream that allows you to extend your days. The out-of- phase sound and the clock’s projected digital image – a ghost-like presence in the environment – create a sort of collective hallucination in a determined space.


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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7