Berlino, 1982

no, no place to sit | 2009

no, no place to sit, 2009
(no, no place to sit)
(installation composed of 10 piano benches, multilayered poplar, Plexiglas, spray paint, horn speakers, amplifier, cd player, coat hook of the conference room of the Galleria Civica of Modern and Contemporary Arts of Arezzo (temporarily moved to the installation room))
Foto: © Carlo Fei

The installation whole soundtrack is collected in the homonymous Compact Disc, produced by Museo Marino Marini and Fondazione Pastificio Cerere

"[…] This room has been originally imagined by Andrea Branzi during the renovation of the museum. The historical phases that rocked the architecture in its oblivion handed it over to me in a semi-comatose state and bureaucracied in its own open function […] Coming inside, with my contribution, I ask for a variation of 90 degrees on the point of view, so that the wall becomes the floor, a still moment, as long as a wait […] An industrial product such a piano stool has been granted a prescientific multiplication: it is allowed to make parties of five and occupy the new surface at its disposal […]"

from no, no place to sit / Tracklist 
© Riccardo Benassi, 2010

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