Berlino, 1982

I Can't Wait Tomorrow | 2011

I Can't Wait Tomorrow, 2011
(I Can't Wait Tomorrow)
(Synthetic felt, two sound loop on endless tapes 33'' and 363'' Adhesive film , poplar frames 70 cn x 100 cm)
Environmental dimensions
Foto: © Martino Margheri

Exhibition view at CCCS, Firenze (IT)

Selected by Andrea Bruciati

"The jury was stuck by the elegance with which your medium inhabits this space. What could be an unforgiving setting for installation work was enlivened with form, colour, text and sound. Your felt ribbon of two dimensions, emerges into 3D sculptural cones which harbour yet another dimension-mysterioussound. This integration of elements, draws viewers' eyes, ears, minds and bodies into "play." The bright colour, subtle texture and crisp, sly text also conspire to create a mirror situation. This recalls Alice in her Wonderland, Dorothy on her Yellow Brick Road and the contemporary condition in which strict order can create a sense of brightness, clarity and comfort but also raise suspicions about imposed complacency and conformity."

Achim Borchardt-Hume / Barbara Gordon / Adam Szymczyk

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