Berlino, 1982

Quel che serve ad un pavimento per trasformarsi in pista da ballo (noi) | 2011

Quel che serve ad un pavimento per trasformarsi in pista da ballo (noi), 2011
(What Does a Flat Surface needs in order to became a Dancefloor (Us))
(Black vinyl Palatino letters on white ceramic base (66 cm x 66 cm x 1,1 cm), 5 minutes sound composition (every 5 minutes of silence) diffused via ceiling in-site mono speakers through the whole museum building.)
Environmental dimensions

Listen to the sound here: http://www.365loops.com/index.php/project/quel-che-serve-ad-un-pavimento-per-trasformarsi-/

"Our bodies give meaning to emptiness by occupying it rhythmically. This is why the space between two walls is generally called freedom of action. Each void is a plaintive promise, is the space where the present is manifested in all its flexibility and it obliges us to feel directly involved. Our daily need to circumscribe it has as its stage a promising horizontal surface which we have learnt to call a floor. We shall go on calling it this in spite of the fact that there will always be someone on the floor below who insists on calling it a roof. Our legs keep time, they – not our arms and not our hands – are what directly link the idea with its possible realisation, modifying so irremediably the fate of the surface that bears them. When our bodies give meaning to the void by occupying it rhythmically, some of us keep time so well that we get to dancing, and this is the best moment to become aware that you can fall in love. Why go on seeking one another with the eyes if not to suddenly lower them?"

© Riccardo Benassi, 2012

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