Berlino, 1982

La flessibilità del Vuoto | 2012

La flessibilità del Vuoto, 2012
(The Flexibility of Void)

Watch the video here:http://vimeo.com/53149952

Comisioned by Andrea Lissoni for Festival Internazionale della Cultura di Bergamo, a collective experiment carried out on the basis of the materials presented and proposed by the students of the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo at the seminar organized in collaboration with Fabiola Naldi (professor of theory of Media Arts) and the students themselves.

The Flexibility of Void grew out of a workshop (in the frame of New Media Theory) where Riccardo Benassi practised a kind of active listening with the students whom he asked to talk about sound, architecture, technology and society in the context of their everyday perception. The artist’s role was to deal mainly with creating links between their stories, with view to underscoring the presence of common bases, of shareable sensations, by following the idea that precisely therein lies the possibility of giving meaning to what is around us, to that apparent emptiness which obliges us to be mutually distant individuals. It was then asked – without supplying a definitive response – whether art should deal with this and in what way it might do so, and whether art might be capable of leading us to a better life. The outcome was a 16 minute video work that reassembles what Riccardo Benassi learned from the students, that reorders his visions fed by their words and - partially - by the footage they shot. This video, like a computer screensaver, is an automatic audiovisual fragment that fills up a state of standby, of temporary idleness of the technological interface. It is a repetitive and hypnotic mantra that investigates the overlaying of sound and architecture in our everyday habits, desires and trajectories.

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