Berlino, 1982

Autostrada Verticale | 2009

Autostrada Verticale, 2009
(Autostrada Verticale)

Watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/54074931

A project by Riccardo Benassi in collaboration with Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Gian Piero Frassinelli (Superstudio)and Ingo Niermann / The Great Pyramid projectcurated by Andrea Lissoni / Xing

Contemporary Art Pavillion - PAC, Ferrara (IT)

Images of the whole solo show here: http://www.365loops.com/index.php/mainproject/autostrada-verticale/

"[…] In that period of life in which one devotes most time to the imagination, for me the Pieve was a volumetric presence suffocated in the repetitive landscape and the infinite vastness of the surrounding flatlands. A Simple interruption to the horizon’s linearity was enough to stop time for an instant: I think I always saw the building as an ancient camouflage, (what on earth!) an imaginary mountain constructed on the emptiest point. The mountain, fruit of a far ancient derivès, is the first step toward the lofty peak, the apparition necessary to the invisible. From this follows man’s attempt to reproduce divine action through the geometric organization of the landscape. Today I am able to observe the church in diametric opposition, as a ruin whose result is the force of time, of floods, inclement weather, and seasonal flux. […] I come from a people that learned to reconstruct their homes by confiding in destruction as a form of production. The rest was done through the unrelenting floods that brought pebbles, which when mixed with mortar gave way to an abundance of free building brick […]"

Every Pitched Roof is an Arrow (a form of survival from the object's inherited inertia)
© Riccardo Benassi 2009

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