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Il vendicatore | 2012

Il vendicatore, 2012
(in collaboration with Andrea Morbio - puppet show performed by Giacomo Onofrio.)
(puppet show)

Re-enactment of an ancient puppet show about Italian mass murderer Simone Pianetti, in the village where he executed his massacre, 98 years later.

On the single morning of 13 July 1914, Simone Pianetti (aged 56) used his rifle to shoot and kill seven people who ruined his life and his reputation in Camerata Cornello, a village in northern Italy. Among them were figures of power in the village, such as the town clerk, the parson and the doctor. Soon after the massacre, Pianetti fled to the mountains. Due to the beginning of World War I, he was never arrested and his body was never found.

After nearly 100 years, in the area his figure is still controversial and for many his story embodies a positive example of revolt against authorities, while he personifies an anti-establishment political symbolnotably for anarchist circles in Italy and in the United States.
Shortly after the 1914 events, local puppeteers started to perform adaptations of Pianetti’s story, which have been transmitted and performed until the 1990s. Giacomo Onofrio represents the third generation of a puppeteer family, from the North-West of Italy. "Il vendicatore" (the avenger) was written by his grandfather right after the news about Pianetti’s massacre had been spread.

The puppet play hadn’t been regularly performed since the 60s, since Onofrio doesn’t perform puppet shows for adults anymore, due to the lack of an adult audience.
The puppet show "Il vendicatore" was performed by Onofrio in the square of Camerata Cornello in September 2012, ninety-eight years after Pianetti’s massacre was executed in the same place.



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