Magic Friday | 2012-ongoing

Magic Friday, 2012-ongoing
(Potluck open to the public. Kitchen and entrance ASU Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona; Combine Studios Kitchen, Phoenix, Arizona. With: Béatrice Bailet)

A project by Béatrice Bailet and Matteo Rubbi with the staff of the ASU Art Museum.


Every second Friday a potluck open to both museum staff and the public is held in the lobby of the Arizona State University Art Museum in Tempe. Everyone is invited to cook something and share it. The kitchen of the museum has developed into a little culinary laboratory where different communities and cultures that inhabit the vast metropolitan area of Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Mesa can come together.



Today the ASU Art Museum staff was treated to a delicious lunch prepared by the 2011 Furla Prize winner and visiting Artist in Residence Matteo Rubbi, and his girlfriend, Beatrice Bailet. While it’s not uncommon to find us gathered together in small groups for lunch, or the occasional birthday or going away celebration, today was a bit different. Tables were set up in the lobby and the door to the museum kitchen was open and decorated with lights, and the savory smells from within drifted out into the open spaces of the museum. Music played, laughter and conversation filled the room, and we all wore the smiles of people who were being fed. I understand there was an element of performance involved on our part, in that, while we ate in the lobby, people entering the museum would be immediately aware of our banquet. Any other time we would be doing this behind closed doors, trying to minimize the impact on the museum patrons, but today there we were enjoying a meal out in the lobby for all to see. What’s all this cooking and eating in front of everyone about?

–Chris Miller, Exhibition Specialist

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