Caretto | Spagna

Torino /Rivoli, 1970

Human Microbiome | 2009

Human Microbiome, 2009
(Wood, video dvd on LCD monitor, paraphin, edible materials, 30 drawings on paper, scientific documents, various natural materials)
259x210x130 cm
Courtesy: CCCS (Centre of Contemporary Culture Strozzina), Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, Florence

Human Microbiome takes the form of a monolithic cabinet with drawers and openings, in which the visitor can "view" various types of materials and documents on the corporeal microcosm, known in scientific circles as the “human microbiome”. The data presented is translated into images, drawings, videos, dioramas and sculptural objects, all processed for the purpose of a cognitive and creative representation of the "otherness" constituted by the micro-organisms that inhabit it.
The intimate symbiotic relationships with bacteria – between the human macrocosm and the bacteriological microcosm that inhabits it – become a metaphor for the more extensive and indispensable relations between man and the ecosystem in which he exists. Caretto and Spagna invite us to reflect on the quest for true sustainability in terms of "profound
ecology”. Radical revision of the anthropocentric point of view is required, along with the acquisition of awareness of the complexity of the world that surrounds us in order to feel
ourselves finally part of a larger system, which we cannot disregard and to which we belong like all other living species, plants, bacteria and animals alike. (Valentina Gensini)

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