Caretto | Spagna

Torino /Rivoli, 1970

CS_Collezione Sistemica | 2012

CS_Collezione Sistemica, 2012
(Systemic Collection)
(wood, plastic transparent sheet, artworks of different contemporary artists)
420 x 320 x 90 cm

Called CS_ Collezione Sistemica (i.e. SC_ Systemic Collection) and structured as a dynamic interaction between the different components of contemporary art world – in this case the public, artists, collectors and museum – Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna’s project is aimed at conjuring critical speculation on the art system and how it works in terms of systemic relation between all its parts.   

The heart of Vitrine fifth instalment is a process of relation and exchange between GAM public and a collection of artworks by different contemporary artists organized and presented by Caretto and Spagna. The works, displayed and preserved in a special wood structure made for the occasion, form the growing core of a private collection owned byCaretto and Spagna, created with the intent of stimulating an interaction with the public through artistic experiences of different kind and sensitivity. With different media and techniques, the works in the collection all have one thing in common, i.e. they are condensations of forces and processes activated by artists during their creation. Each work is accompanied by a conceptual text focusing on the story and context in which it was conceived, and they are all made available to the public by the artists, who on a specific request shall remove them from the museum display to lend them individually to those who ask for them. Therefore the public becomes the direct protagonist of the information flow triggered by this exhibition relational device, by raising responsibility and participant awareness toward the works, at the same time redefining the exhibition contents, accordingly to works coming in and going out of GAM space.   

The artists’ work is completed by an installation placed on GAM front lawn designed to functionally resemble cattle mangers. On the night of the opening the installation will host refreshments for the public, thus becoming a means of gathering and socializing through a hybrid form, able to relate the forms of human conviviality with the ones of the animal world.   

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

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