Milano, 1969

Albanian Stories | 1997

Albanian Stories, 1997
Courtesy: kaufmann repetto, Milan

"Albanian Stories" è la mia prima esperienza con il video dopo anni di studi pittorici in accademia. Arrivato in Italia nel periodo di una transizione molto difficile per l'Albania, ho sentito mia figlia Jola raccontare delle storie alle sue bambole, in cui cronache di guerra si mischiavano a fantasie e personaggi fiabeschi. Una mucca, un maiale, un gatto, un gallo convivono in questi racconti con delle forze oscure, forze militari internazionali. I personaggi giocano, sentono degli spari, vedono delle fiamme, guardano i soldati e poi partono per l'Italia, lasciando una "nonna mucca", che resta sola e triste.



"Albanian Stories" is my first video, after my studies in painting at the Academy. After my arrival in Italy in 1997, I heard my daughter Jola telling stories to her dolls where war chronicles are mixed up with fairy-like fantasy. Her characters are a cow, a pig, a cat, a rooster and some obscure forces, international military forces. The characters play, they hear some shots, they see the flames, they look at the soldiers and then they go away, to Italy, leaving a granny cow that remains sad and alone. ALBANIAN STORIES (text of video) Once upon a time, there was a cow, and then, when she saw a flame which goes upside down, she said to the cock, beat it with the foot like this bam, bam, bam, bam and the cock bam, bam, bam and then came the dark forces and saw the cock… Once upon a time there was a cow that had four daughters and the cow saw the flame like this which goes down, it was a big, big flame when the cock, the dark forces came. They had something like this and did so pam, pam, pam, and when the cock found some money… what’s this, is that a little dark force or is that a … dark force, and when the cow saw that they were not anymore, she didn’t worry and went in Italy and said to the cock you go inside and here is the end of the story. Once upon a time there was a pig that had two daughters, one and two and then he said one day to the cock, hey cock, oh, he saw a flame like this and when the cock saw they had something like this that they couldn’t see and the cock tickled them, is that a child or what? and they came and fell down they, pam, pam, pam, until the gun went to the end and when the dark forces did like that they didn’t came anymore because the cock won’t let them, won’t let them take away the pig’s daughters. One day they went in Italy, Rome with the daughters…. Once upon a time there was a cock and a cat and then one day came the forces. The cock and the cat were playing like this, when came the dark forces who made a flame near the wall. The cock was frightened and the cat said to him, don’t be afraid because the international forces will come. When the international forces came, the cock and the cat said “Hi” international forces and they said “HI” cock and cat. One day the international forces came again and the cock and the cat said “Hi” and they said “Hi” cock and cat. And they did not kill them because the cock and the cat and the cow with the daughters and the husband went in Italy. They didn’t stay in Albania. They had a cow mother that was sad because they went away because there were the dark forces and they wanted to come in Italy.

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