Milano, 1989

Bellagio Bellagio | 2015 - ongoing

Bellagio Bellagio, 2015 - ongoing
(mixed media)

Since 2015 Bellagio Bellagio is an ongoing audiovisual platform created together with Matteo Nobile. We say that this project is a platform because it doesn’ t have yet its own material environment and it’ s in continuos development; open to be hosted in different situations. Bellagio Bellagio deals with the stock imagery codification, its influence in the mass culture and consequently the creation of a kind of stock behaviour. Our field of research are user-generated content websites in which the user’s self-representation has been already codified to fit the stock criteria. Basically, Bellagio Bellagio is an ongoing archive of representational stereotypes divided into various topics regarding till now cars, tropical paradise escapism, today’ s future, jaguar pattern and green&bio desire. 


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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7