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Sharing gazes (Chapter I) | 2013

Sharing gazes (Chapter I), 2013
Courtesy: Gea Casolaro, Yacob Bizuneh, Makeda Bizuneh, Martha Haile, Meron Hailu, Yonas Hailu, Hilina Mekonen, Yafet Mekonnen

ShARiNG GaZEs - A two chapters exhibition about Gea Casolaro workshop with Jacob Bizuneh, Makeda Bizuneh, Martha Haile, Meron Hailu, Yonas Hailu, Hilina Mekonen and Yafet Mekonnen

The Italian Cultural Institute in Addis Ababa has started in 2013 a residing artist program, in order to enable Italian visual artists to develop an own project, which arose from the relation with the local reality, in Ethiopia, particularly in Addis Ababa.

The first invited artist is Gea Casolaro who realized a workshop with the last-year studentsof Alle School of Fine Arts and Design of the Addis Ababa University.


“I never put myself in the position of teacher, but I always try to exchange with the young artist I work with. In this way Art become a practice to exchange knowledge, experiences, points of view in order to enlarge reciprocally our capacity of analysis and our consciousness on people life and of the whole world.

For the workshop with the Alle’s students, I’d ask to each of them to choose a specific place in Addis that she or he think could be interesting for me to see.

Than we go all together to this site and we start shooting photos, exchanging our cameras. In this way we will have either very similar picture or very different looks on the same thing, or very specific gaze on this or that details of the setting, showing the multiplicity and complexity of each site from our collective point of view.

At the end it will be impossible to say that one picture is better or more “right” then another: every reality are build up by all the different subjectivity that pass through it, and show this concept in order to let understand the fundamental importance of the dialog, is my purpose.“ ( Gea Casolaro)


Chapter I  - April 2013 - Alle School of Fine Arts – Addis Ababa

Chapter II – April 2013 - Italian Cultural Institute – Addis Ababa


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